What's insured?

The Program's coverage is provided to all certified and associate TPS members and is designed and structured to meet the unique needs of accredited technicians and technologists.

The policy is intended to provide basic financial protection to paying TPS members from claims directly resulting from their professional work. To put it another way, the policy will respond to claims stemming from alleged errors or omissions for work done within your capacity as a professional technician or technologist, even if the claim has no grounds*.

Example: Someone claims that you made an error in professional judgment on the job. Even though there is no evidence to support the claim, you are obligated to defend yourself. In the absence of any other policy, the Program's coverage will provide up to $50,000 legal, adjusting, or settlement costs.

How the policy responds will depend on the specific details of the claim in question. Please refer to the policy for detailed coverage information.

Higher limits of insurance can be obtained through the Optional program. For more information, contact AR Services, or get a quote, complete the application.

* this is, of course, subject to policy terms and conditions - read through the policy for additional details.